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PC Inspector smart recovery is a useful tool for recovering delete media files
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The PC Inspector smart recovery is a useful tool for recovering delete media files by accident or negligence from fixed drives as well as from portable mass memory units such as Flashcard, Memory Sicks, Camera cards, etc.

The application offers the selection for drive, type/format of media files to recover (audio, pictures, photographies, movies, video) and the target folder for saving recovered files, that has to be in a different drive than the one that will be searched for recovery.

The program supports JPG, TIF, AVI, MOV, WAV and other formats from Fuji and Olympus cameras. For JPG files, the application can operate in 'automatic' or can be set for recovering only JPG files with or without thumbnails.

This program can search in two modes: fast or Intensive. Fast mode is the fastest one, because it uses an optimized search method to analyze the selected mediamedia. In the intensive mode the unit will be analyzed more deeply.

Application checks for empty folders, shows percentage of recovery for files, sectors that cannot be read, sectors with readable files, etc. With the "Check medium" function, user can also check the functioning of the memory cards. It is recommended to use this function regularly, to test the cards and avoid losing data.

Automatically recovers all media data that have not been overwritten, even when the unit has been disconnected or unplugged during data saving.

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